ZOMACTON (somatropin) for Injection


ZOMACTON is a prescription medicine that contains human growth hormone and is used to treat pediatric patients.

ZOMACTON is also used for adults who do not make enough growth hormone on their own.



Buy ZOMACTON Online (somatropin) for injection, is a recombinant human growth hormone, Buy Growth Hormones Online. It is a polypeptide of recombinant DNA origin, has 191 amino acid residues and a molecular weight of about 22,124 daltons, Buy HGH Online. It has an amino acid sequence identical to that of human growth hormone of pituitary origin, buy human growth hormones online. ZOMACTON is produced in a strain of Escherichia coli modified by insertion of the human growth hormone gene, buy steroid hormones online.

ZOMACTON is a sterile, white, lyophilized powder, for subcutaneous use, after reconstitution with the accompanying diluent.

ZOMACTON 5 mg vial contains recombinant somatropin 5 mg and mannitol 30 mg. The 5 mg vial is supplied in a combination package with an accompanying 5 mL vial of diluting solution. The diluent contains bacteriostatic 0.9% sodium chloride injection, USP, (normal saline), 0.9% benzyl alcohol as a preservative, and water for injection.

ZOMACTON 10 mg vial contains recombinant somatropin 10 mg, mannitol 10 mg, disodium phosphate dodecahydrate 3.57 mg, and sodium dihydrogen phosphate dehydrate 0.79 mg. The 10 mg vial is supplied in a combination package with an accompanying 1 Ml syringe of diluting solution. The diluent contains bacteriostatic water for injection with 0.33% metacresol as a preservative. Reconstituted solutions have a pH in the range of 7 to 9.


Pediatric Patients

ZOMACTON is indicated for the treatment of pediatric patients who have growth failure due to inadequate secretion of endogenous growth hormone (GH).

Adult Patients

ZOMACTON is indicated for the replacement of endogenous GH in adults with GH deficiency.


Administration And Use Instructions

  • Therapy with ZOMACTON should be supervised by a physician who is experienced in the diagnosis and management of patients with the conditions for which ZOMACTON is indicated [see INDICATIONS AND USAGE].
  • Fundoscopic examination should be performed routinely before initiating treatment with ZOMACTON to exclude preexisting papilledema, and periodically thereafter [see WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS].
  • Administer ZOMACTON by subcutaneous injection to the back of the upper arm, abdomen, buttock, or thigh with regular rotation of injection sites to avoid lipoatrophy.
  • ZOMACTON 5 mg and 10 mg can be administered using a standard sterile disposable syringe or a ZOMA-Jet™ Needle Free Delivery Device, using the respective device (i.e., 5 mg or 10 mg ZOMA-Jet™ Needle Free Delivery Device). For proper use, please refer to the Instructions for Use provided with the administration device. If using a syringe, the volume of the syringe should be small enough so that the prescribed dose can be withdrawn from the vial with reasonable accuracy.

Adult Dosage

  • Patients who were treated with somatropin for GH deficiency in childhood and whose epiphyses are closed should be reevaluated before continuation of somatropin for GH deficient adults.
  • Consider using a lower starting dose and smaller dose increment increases for geriatric patients as they may be at increased risk for adverse reactions with ZOMACTON than younger individuals [see Use In Specific Populations].
  • Estrogen-replete women and patients receiving oral estrogen may require higher doses [see DRUG INTERACTIONS].
  • Administer the prescribed dose daily
  • Either of two ZOMACTON dosing regimens may be used
      • Non-weight based
        • Initiate ZOMACTON with a dose of approximately 0.2 mg/day (range, 0.15 mg/day to 0.3 mg/day) and increase the dose every 1-2 months by increments of approximately 0.1 mg/day to 0.2 mg/day, according to individual patient requirements based on the clinical response and serum insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF- 1) concentrations.
        • Decrease the dose as necessary on the basis of adverse reactions and/or serum IGF-1 concentrations above the age- and gender-specific normal range.
        • Maintenance dosages will vary considerably from person to person, and between male and female patients.
      • Weight-based
        • Initiate ZOMACTON at 0.006 mg/kg daily and increase the dose according to individual patient requirements to a maximum of 0.0125 mg/kg daily.
        • Use the patient’s clinical response, adverse reactions, and determination of age- and gender-adjusted serum IGF-1 concentrations as guidance in dose titration.
        • Not recommended for obese patients as they are more likely to experience adverse reactions with this regimen.


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